16 and over categories are organised in to weight classes

Lightweight: up to 74.999kg
Middleweight: 75kg – 89.999kg
Heavyweight: over 90kg

Over over 16 categories are proudly sponsored by Club100 for BIKC 2021. Club100 is providing all podium winners at the National Finals with an amazing opportunity to further progress their racing in the Club100 outdoor racing series 2022. For full details on the prizes available for these categories and all the opportunities offered by our partner Club100 please click here.

On arrival at your first session, our reception team will be able to verify that your registration for BIKC is complete and ensure you are within the correct race category. A weigh-in may be required for anyone competing in our Adult categories and your co-operation with this is hugely appreciated.

What stage is weighing done and how often?

There will be a weigh-in for every stage of the competition. The first weigh-in will be at entry to the competition, which will happen when registering at the track. Then at the start of every stage of the competition and also random weight testing through the race meetings. You will be required to initially select your weight category at registration to determine your category, and then our track teams will verify this on the arrival of your first BIKC qualifying session.

For any questions regarding the weigh in procedure please email [email protected].