Qualifying for BIKC explained


When you “register” for BIKC you select your “qualifying track” from the drop down menu on the registration page.


Once registered visit your “qualifying track” at least 3 times. You will need to set 3 lap times between now and September 30th 2021. You can set as many as you like though to get your fastest time possible!


All your laptimes are stored on your Elite Membership profile. You don’t need to save or send any information, it will happen automatically.


Once the qualifying round closes on 30th September we will automatically take the average from your 3 quickest laptimes across all your visits and this will be your “entry” time.


The 12 fastest lap times from each category at each qualifying track will then be contacted to compete in the “Local Final”.

Common questions around qualifying

Q) What are the qualifying times at my track?

Every track is totally unique it all depends on the times the 12 fastest people at your track do during qualifying. Your Membership Manager will be able to provide an idea of some of the best times at your track.

Q) Can I set more than 3 lap times during qualifying?

You can visit the track as many times as you like during qualifying, we will take an average of your best 3 lap times at the end of the qualifying period.

Q) Do you take my quickest lap times from my first session?

No we take an average of your top 3 lap times made during the qualifying period.

Q) What race sessions count towards qualifying?

You can set qualifying laps on any session.

Q) What tracks can I qualify at?

You can only set qualifying lap times at the track you selected as your home track when you registered for BIKC.